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2020 has shown us that working a remote is a productive and valuable aspect of today's society.

We assist executives with a variety of administrative tasks these will vary client to client and industry to industry. Our packages are unique to your individual personal and business needs.

Some things may include:

  • Administrative tasks as needed
  • Calendar management
  • Email management
  • Travel booking
  • Completing various forms of paperwork
  • Set up video conferences
  • Assisting with meeting preparation,
  • Supporting logistical tasks
  • Keep execs on top of their schedule
  • Draft letters
  • Proofreading documents

These days, 70 percent of companies offer their workers options to telecommute. That’s according to a 2018 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey. This percentage has increased 11 points in four short years—only 59% of businesses offered remote working options in 2014.

But if that’s not enough to convince employers and managers that incorporating offsite workers in their organization is no longer an experiment, how about this? By Gallup’s estimates, more than one-third of all employees would quit their jobs and take their skills elsewhere if the new position allowed them to work from where they want at least part of the time.

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